Welcome to my projects page! This page will be updated constantly, almost like a blog post, as I finish new creations. The content found here will range from coding projects, to DIY electronics to fun and simple mechanisms. Be sure to contact me (using the links at the bottom of every page) if you have any comments, questions or would like any projects created for you. Enjoy!


The project for the second LI Hacks! Over the course of 24 hours (probably only 6 of which involved coding) I put together Whasfalunch, a tool to help you decide what to eat and where to eat it. I surveyed attendees of the event to see what their favorite foods were, using that as a bias for my survey. You then answer a series of questions that add or subtract points form certain cuisines. The cuisine with the most points gets chosen for you, and the Yelp API is then used to select either the highest rated, or closest location to you. You can also select a specific cuisine to choose a location!


This was a project that I came up with at the first LI Hacks event. After teaching a class on coding and ciphers, I decided to base my final project on that idea. Gifcer is a site that takes an inputted word or sentence, and uses the Giphy API to 'translate' each word into the most popular gif with that tag. In addition, Gifcer comes with a dictionary which automatically adds new gifs and their definition to a page, whenever a new word is used.

Parralax Train System
Ft. Pumpkin Pie

During the summer of 2015, I attended NYC Summer STEM, a DOE program funded by Microsoft that aimed to spread STEM to NYC public school students. Throughout the month, we worked with the Parallax robotics kit, experimenting with and using all different kinds of sensors. For the final "project" everyone got into groups and build a big project that used all the skills they'd learned that month. I decided to work alone, and built a model train system- using QTI line following, ultrasonic + RFID train stops, servoes to make everything move and the WAV library for sound. It was an insanely rewarding project, and one of the most fun to play with.