About Me
Hi! I'm Adam. I like jokes, food, tech and lifting.
When I was 15, I co-founded my first company: Kinet-X. Our mission is to bring STEM education to students that would otherwise not have access to it. Since our first program, we've reached over a thousand students, created numerous programs and been featured in the Wall Street Journal.
After spending a majority of my childhood overweight, I started moving towards a healthier lifestyle in my sophomore year of high school. I lost almost 40 pounds over the following 3 years, as well as putting on a sizable amount of muscle mass. I joined, and became captain of, my school's wrestling team, and started writing my own workout plans and micromanaging my meal plans. I also do my best to help my friends and family out when they're trying to change their lifestyle!

Undergraduate: California Institute of Technology
I will begin attending Caltech in the fall. I'm super excited to be surrounded by likeminded thinkers and innovators, and to increase my knowledge of engineering and the STEM field in general.
    High School: Stuyvesant
    I attended high school at Stuyvesant High School. Here was where my love and knowledge of STEM really grew, where I began to work with circuitry and expand my knowledge of code. At Stuy I:
    • Was a member of one of our robotics teams: helping us win #1 in New York my first year and serving as Vice President one year, and Head of Engineering the next
    • Began as a member of the Board of Elections, helping organize and manage school elections, and soon assumed the position of Chair
    • Started Kinet-X, a tech education startup aimed at teaching and inspiring middle school students
    • Joined the Young Hackers, a group that aims to bring computer science oppurtunites to those that don't have access to it, and diversify the tech industry, and served as their Director of Community Outreach and Head of Web Development.
    • Worked on the Speaker Relations team at Ted-X Stuyvesant
    • Joined the wrestling team in my Junior Year, winning second in Manhattan in my first year and serving as Team Captain for my Senior year
    Middle School: Mark Twain
    I attended middle school at Mark Twain Intermediate School for the Gifted and Talented studying Computer/Math. It was here that I first learned to code, among everything else. At Mark Twain I:
    • Was invited into the National Junior Honor Society two years in a row
    • Participated in the school's robotics team, competing in the Future City challenge- winning "Most Creative Transportation" in my second year.
    • Served as the school's tech expert and graphic designer: making backdrops, presentations and helping with tech support
    • Served as the 8th grade Student Body Vice President

    I have plenty of experience in the engineering world, ranging from building robots to making circuitry prrojects. I've built and programmed several robots, made fun glasses attachments (flashlight, colorful LEDs), built an alarm clock that plugs into my speaker system and designed a camera glove- to list some of my projects. Making a successful circuit is one of my favorite pasttimes- and the one I find the most rewarding
    Programming to me is more of a hobby and useful skill, and a fun one at that! I started off learning basic python, html and css and only grew from there. I took courses to further my knowledge of python- learning how to manipulate and analyze data in the process- and basic javascript. My webdev skillset grew through practice and experience, as my ability to understand and explain code. I am currently the Lead Programming Curriculum Developer at Kinet-X
    I've always believed in the fact that a team is greater than the sum of it's individual members. We live in a time where working together is the key to solving our problems, and if you can't work in a team you can't work. I've held several leadership positions, ranging from student government to team positions, and pride myself on being an outgoing, approachable person. Given a group of people, I'm confident I have the abillity to work with or for them to produce something great